About us

Damen & De Koning Advocaten exercises a broad civil-law practice and also handles cases in the interface between criminal law and civil law.

In the legal profession it is increasingly common practice to significantly specialize right from the start. In a society as complicated as ours this seems the only logical thing to do.

Combined experiences
Yet we have made a different choice. This is not based on the old-school belief that as a lawyer you ought to be able to address all sorts of cases, but because, due to our broad interest, we simply could not and would not limit ourselves. The lawyers of Damen & De Koning Advocaten have experience in liability law, contract law, criminal law, company law, insolvency law, property law, health-care liability law and administrative law. And we still yearn for more; more diversity, more expertise, more quality.

Intensive collaborations
Cases can rarely be squeezed into a single area of law. Our broad background enables us to identify and apply interconnections among areas of law. We know what our competences are - and what aren’t. This is why we have an intensive collaboration in place with specialists in a range of areas (of law) when joining forces is required.

We specifically chose not to limit ourselves to a single special expertise, and we are convinced that this choice creates significant added value when handling complex cases that require combined knowledge of multiple disciplines.

Damen & De Koning Advocaten - About usDamen & De Koning Advocaten - About usDamen & De Koning Advocaten - About usDamen & De Koning Advocaten - About us